The research and development department of Meditechsys is considered to be one of the fundamental parts of research activity at Iranian Consortium of Dialysis. This department strives to produce understanding in manufacturing better products, paired with top technology, ensuring a boost in productivity. Design and manufacture of polysulfone and polyethersulfone dialysers are the considerable achievements of the research and development department.



The mission of the R&D department is the expansion of knowledge and utilization of innovative technologies to produce high-grade products, and in turn, higher productivity. This department strives to fulfil the following aims:

  • To improve the quality of products
  • To promote new products and equipment
  • To develop technology and equipment
  • To acquire and transfer technical knowledge
  • To optimize the methods of production and treatment
  • To improve the ways and means of manufacturing and raising productivity
  • To benefit from advanced technology and advanced treatment methods
  • To set new standards

Policy and Qualitative Goals

  • Focusing on the needs and satisfaction of dialysis patients
  • Considering the problems of nursing services in dialysis wards
  • Interactional performance among production personnel
  • Initiating decisions based on research findings
  • Promoting innovative ideas to adjust dialysis services to the health care system
  • Enhancing the company’s competitiveness in local and international markets



Research Focus

  • Documentation and setting standards
  • Upgrading current dialysers
  • Designing new types of dialysers
  • Statistical and comparative studies
  • Supporting research projects by other centers