Meditechsys was established in June 2001 to manufacture pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and is now a pioneer manufacturer and supplier of dialysis equipment for Iran’s private sector. Dialysis equipment products are most critical for medical centers; therefore, Meditechsys is determined to use the knowledge and experience of personnel to adhere to the needs of dialysis patients. With dialysers being the most critical products for End Stage Renal Disease patients, we have high priority in dialyser production and are well-known for our great expertise in manufacturing different types of low-flux and high-flux dialysers. Preparatory work for launching the dialyser production line was completed in 1999 and Meditechsys launched the line shortly after, in 2002. These dialysers are produced in Iran according to ISO 13485 standards. We also specialize in localized technical know-how in the field of innovative technologies, once adopted from allies in Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Canada. As well as manufacturing and diversifying products, we study global experiences and research; following such policies may support future dialysis developments in applied sciences. We are proud to say that Meditechsys supplies most of Iran’s needs for dialysers. Since 2001, we have developed the production potential, allowing Iran to self-sufficient in dialysers without the need for import.


With the new launch of dialyser production lines, our mission is to develop production potential in Meditechsys’ factories and begin exporting our product to Middle Eastern countries.

Strategic goals

Our main goal is to manufacture medical products and equipment at reasonable prices and high quality.

Policy and qualitative goals

We work as a production and research institute and have genuine potential to engage in foreign joint ventures to develop collaborative projects, upgrading the theoretical and technical employee level. Our company also communicates effectively with external associated organizations to finalize plans and projects. Our activities affect continuous developments within the country and region; therefore, we believe using management systems and improving quality is necessary to increase the satisfaction of customers and other beneficiaries. Meditechsys pursues these fundamental goals by taking the following steps:

  • Improving organizational behavior on a continuous basis
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Placing emphasis on R&D and information updating
  • Employee training courses
  • Promoting collaborative management culture
  • Ensuring a safe and secure workplace
  • Increasing productivity


Our vision is to reach the perfect position for prevention and cure. To fulfil this aim, we use technical knowledge and modern manufacturing technology to provide high quality products in accordance with global standards. We have a commitment to adhere to human values; therefore, all activities are closely aligned with the interests of our beneficiaries (patients, customers, personnel, and shareholders). We fully exploit our scientific and practical potentials as a senior manufacturer of medical products to gain positive exposure in the Middle Eastern Market.

Sustainability environment

In consideration of environmental protection, Meditechsys has adopted an efficient burner system that reduces ethylene Oxide emission to a minimum.


Environmental sustainability

  • Automatic doors and door closers are used to reduce noise pollution
  • Noise isolating headphones are used inside factories

Energy management


  • Insulated glazed windows and insulated automatic doors are used to reduce workplace energy waste
  • Highly efficient heating systems are chosen for better energy management

Industrial safety


  • Safety machinery, from designing to launching. This includes safety and innovation in the production and adjustments of machinery within the production line
  • Employment of different hazard mitigation strategies to ensure employee safety
  • Implementing national safety standards
  • Preparing individual safety equipment for personnel
  • Providing medical and first aid kits